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Please fill in the content into the background!

【Operating environment

To Windows host, must support ASP, Access database must support
Must support the FSO (add, modify, delete data, upload pictures are used)
Must support Adodb.Stream (used to generate static pages)
Recommended to support Jmail (online letter component, does not support can not send messages, order notification e-mail)
Recommended to support ASPjpeg (picture thumbnail watermark component can not be generated products do not support the plan and add a small watermark)
Reminder: If the space can not be sure whether to support these components, testing procedures to obtain the owner. 

【Purchase process

First, secure transactions through the purchase of Taobao

1, the corresponding template buyers photographed and payment to the payment of treasure;
2 online directly through the owner or QQ Want shipments (received an. RAR compressed packets);
3, in case the owner is offline, can be left in the Notes E-mail address and we will ship to you within 24 hours;
4, the received debugging non-functional site, please give recognition and peer assessment as soon as possible, thank you!

Second, bank transfer (account for no Taobao friends)
1, and the owner to purchase the template and determine prices;
2, transfer to a bank account owner (try not to use the cross-bank remittances, Daozhang slow);
3, contact the owner check whether Daozhang;
4, through QQ, MSN, Skype, etc. Want to chat tools or E-mail to your delivery. 

【Buy Notes】

Please read the agreement before buying, photographed this agreement is agreed:

1, the restaurant features to ensure the integrity and the source website security, source code itself, we will help fix the problem;
2, the restaurant can only buy one source their own use, the number of open-establishment of the station, the source can not be resold, transferred to others rights reserved;
3, the shop sold the source code are not responsible for the change, art, if we need to modify, add functionality and ease the workload of the degree will be a fee; Want to contact the specific costs could be
4, the sale of the source using the network transmission, once the transfer is completed will not accept a replacement, return, refund, please consider carefully before buying, pat a person, malicious evaluators all complaints in the end.


OUR commitment to genuine authorized users to provide the following services:
1, to provide Live Messenger, QQ, E-mail, remote assistance, telephone, etc. uses the advice;
2, free fix existing problems is not functional BUG;
3, free fix security vulnerabilities in itself;
4, the local installation of IIS advice, and may provide remote assistance to facilitate local testing;
5, domain name resolution, spatial binding domain, FTP upload etc. Advisory
6, the restaurant constantly upgrade program, customers who have access to the new procedure after the upgrade.

The following does not belong to the scope of services:
1, modify site templates, code generation issues;
2, direct manipulation of the database itself result in a database error or crash;
3, server, virtual host causes of system failure;
4, third-party use of the system, fault is not in the service area;
5, is not responsible for the training of professional, including but not limited to, website production, programming, modification, etc.;
We provide the above changes, if necessary, repair, you need to pay an additional modification fee.

Reminder: Please buy Live Messenger account to consult, if we find any violations of the customer, we will terminate the service at any time

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